Daniel Wall (1965-)
Founder of Intense Impressionism

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Snowy Lake

Oil on stretched canvas Size:24"Width x 19"Height

Daniel Wall (1965-) is the founder of Intense Impressionism, also known as extreme impressionism, the art movement that takes impressionism from the 1800s into the 21st century to reflect the intensity of modern life - a new stage of impressionism that evolved from what was started by Claude Monet almost 200 years ago. Started in the 1980s by Daniel Wall, Intense Impressionist style of painting is characterized by unsurpassed intensity and boldness. Daniel Wall’s Intense Impressionist techniques include big, conspicuous strokes created with palette knife, extreme texture with heavy paints, intensified vibrant colors, and exaggerated striking effects of lights (What’s the difference between Impressionist painting and Intense Impressionist painting? Impressionist painting has relatively small visible brush strokes; Intense Impressionist has bold, strong, heavy strokes created with palette knife. Impressionist painting emphasis on accurate depiction of light; Intense Impressionist exaggerates the effects of lights). Daniel Wall’s Intense Impressionist landscape, cityscape, seascape, and floral paintings are unrivalled in their popular appeal and are among the best loved in the world today. His paintings bring love and happiness to life, with symbols such as:

  • Light – represents hope
  • Sky – represents freedom
  • Road – represents lovely path of life
  • Colorful tree – represents beautiful life
  • Water – represents emotion
  • Umbrella – represents safeness and protection
  • Bright colors – represent happiness and bright future
  • Thick and heavy texture – represents strong love
  • Born in 1965 in China, Daniel Wall began drawing and painting at the young age of four. His first art teacher was his mother, a very talented and diligent self-taught artist. Daniel Wall earned many art awards in his childhood and was accepted into a fine art academy when he reached teenage. Later, he studied fine art in China, Italy, and the United States. His art senses were highly enriched by his experience with different cultures and solidified through rich work experience as an art instructor, illustrator, art editor, and fine art professor. In order to get a better education and a better life Daniel Wall immigrated to USA in 1995. He made a decision to become a professional artist after received his Masters degree from Georgia Southern University. He has published hundreds of illustrations in journals and books, has exhibited widely, and won many awards in China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the United States. His art collectors usually use these words to describe his artwork:
  • A rainbow of colors!
  • His art has muscles!
  • An orchestra of bright colors
  • Dancing color pattern creates exciting rhythm
  • It’s a like a rock concert of colors!
  • Daniel Wall now resides and paints in the State of North Carolina in the United States. He is currently one of the most active and recognized artists in landscape, cityscape, floral and seascape oil painting in the world. His success is also marked by his highly coveted portraiture, and a wide variety of other subjects in watercolor. His paintings continue to be widely collected in the United States and around the world.


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