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   I recently purchased my very first piece of real art while on a cruise, it was a Daniel Wall oil painting called "Our Home", and I would just like to let you know how very excited I was about it. The first time I laid eyes on it I had to have it and I consider this purchase one of the highlights of my holiday as every day I look at it and am still struck by it's beauty and how it makes me feel, (happy and content). Should I be fortunate enough to come across your work in future I will definitely be trying to add more pieces to my home, your work is brilliant and all my friends who have seen it all say the same thing, that it was something that was really me as I love to be surrounded by bright colour and things that somehow show my personality and your paintings do that for me. Thankyou so much.

Michelle McNulty
Melbourne Australia

    Daniel, May I say how pleased we are with our purchase of your lovely painting by palet knife of Spring Bouquet. We purchased the original painting while on our honeymoon on board the Grand Princess cruise ship in the med. We bought the painting in early May 2009. It is 36" X 30" and is hung in pride of place in our dining room. Our house insurance is being renewed and the insurance company require an official value for the painting. I wonder if you could reply to me with what the value of the painting would be at this time? I thank you for your time and expert valuation of this fine painting.

Yours faithfully,
Nigel and Beverly Wharton

    Mr. Wall, I saw your e-mail address on the website and wished to offer my thanks. After 22 years of marriage, my wife and I had the pleasure of purchasing our first original artwork - 2 of your original oil paintings / "You and Me" and "Evening Rain Stroll". You are the finest artist we have experienced. I am a Commander in the U.S. Navy and my wife is an elementary school principal so this purchase was fairly significant for us. We bought them without hesitation as your paintings really brought out an emotional response with the two of us. I realize you are quite busy but wanted to let you know how delighted we are with your work. I wish you much personal and professional success.

Very respectfully,
Rick and Shannon Panko

   Hi and thank you for your help in advance. I just purchased a painting at an on line auction by Daniel Wall called Night Rain Stroll. The painting is said to be a 2009 original oil on canvas that is 30x24. Do I have any way of verifying the authenticity with you (or another company) before I pay for the work? Thanks for your time and I love your work!!

   Hello Mr. Wall
The painting in question is entitled "spring Basket" AANTV080317 this is the number on the back left hand corner of the canvas. If this is your work could you provide me with any details. Once again I thank you and look forward to add more of your work to my collection. I should add that I am an ophthalmologist and love the vivid colours in your work. My patients also appreciate your work as in hangs in my office.

Murari Patodia
Sarnia, ON Canada

    Mr. Wall,
I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I purchased your original painting "White Cyclamen" on a cruise to Alaska last July. It is the center of attention in our living room and everyone who sees it loves it. We enjoy looking at it every day. It took a long time for my wife and I to agree on a piece of art for that spot but, when we saw it we both immediately agreed that was what we wanted!
We have had friends inquire as to whether or not there are Giclees available of the oil. Are there? If so what would be the cost so we may pass that along to them. Again, we thank you so much,
Bernie Reed

    Hello Daniel,
We have recently returned from honeymoon aboard one of the Princess Cruises, during which we attended a fine art auction (for the first time) and were introduced to your works. We fell in love with a painting entitled FIRST DATE and took the plunge and purchased the embellished print. On returning to the UK we are eagerly awaiting its arrival and wanted to show friends a copy of the picture. However having searched the internet can find many of your works but not this one !!!!!!! any advice would be appreciated
Julian & Sharlene.....

    Mr. Wall
We have just recently become acquainted with your work through a holiday cruise. Upon returning home, I have looked through several gallery websites and your website. One gallery has four of your original oils. I have called them twice and they have given me two different price quotes. This gallery is fairly close to me, but frankly, I am very skeptical. Is there a reputable gallery or outlet for your work that you recommend? Is your work on display anywhere near your studio should we find ourselves in North Carolina? And finally, should we have any hesitation about purchasing your work aboard a cruise ship? They frankly had a very impressive display of your work and it attracted a lot of attention, all extremely positive. We are not wealthy collectors by any stretch of the imagination, just people who both loved your work. I would appreciate it if you could steer us in the right direction.

Diane D'Andrea
Punta Gorda, FL

    Daniel Wall(The Awesome Painter)
Hi, my name is Madison Dreyfuss. I don't really know how start this, but here I go, I'm 16 years old and I live in Montana, and I came across your artwork through somebody mentioning you as one of the most current and talented artists this century. So I looked you up and your artwork. I recently have become interested in art and have started to collect various artworks here and there, but when I came across yours I really have to say you have inspired me. I'm not sure how to describe this, but when I look at your paintings I can't look away, they are very deep and something about them is very calming. The way the colors kindof give off a glow and reflextion is very unique. I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think your paintings are and you are very talented, no doubt your up there with like Picasso and VanGohn or even better in some ways I think. Anyways one day I hope to contact you with a request to buy an original from you when I get the money, for now I'm really glad your artwork has impacted the way it brings life to this world. Again thanks for intruducing a new style and beauty in the art world.

Madison Dreyfuss

    Dear Mr. Wall,
We recently took a Panama Canal cruise with Princess Cruise Line and had the good fortune to attend one of the art auctions. Several of your paintings were displayed, and we immediately purchased one titled, Dawn on the Canyon-SN-0690y11. Your use of light, shadows, and vivid colors is incredibly powerful and pleasing, to the point that we wished we could step into the painting! We are avid explorers of our national parks, and have a special affinity for the canyonlands of Arizona and Utah. We would appreciate any information you could give us regarding the painting. It is listed by Princess as an original oil on canvas painted in 2011. We wondered if the painting depicts a specific viewpoint into the Grand Canyon, and if you painted on-site, from a photo, or with your imagination. We have instantly become big fans of your work, and look forward to your reply.

Paul and Jayna Tripi
Highland Heights, Ohio

My husband and I purchased the Daniel Wall original oil painting "Homecoming" while on a Princess cruise to Alaska in June 2011, and we love our painting. We want to have it insured and have tried to find information about this painting online but have had no luck. I went through every "SOLD" painting listed in the various galleries on the Daniel Wall website but didn't find our "Homecoming" painting. So, we're coming to you to find out if there is any information you can send us regarding the current value of this painting and anything else you feel might be of interest to us or that would be helpful in insuring this painting and understanding its origin. Or, perhaps you could provide the weblink to find our painting and information about it on the internet. For example, I would be interested to know the story behind this painting. What was going through the artist's mind when he was painting this work; or, is this a location that is known to the artist and if so, where is it? That's the kind of detailed information I would be interested in. It's almost as though I feel I have been in this setting, and if not, at least I can pretent I'm there. It is so beautiful and vibrant. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide or any sources or links where we can find the desired information about our "Homecoming" painting.

Your fans and excited art collectors,
Gretchen & Jerry Conner

    Do you have a gallery in Greensboro? Recently purchased “Rays of Warmth” on a Princess cruise and love it! Live in Cary outside of Raleigh and would like to see if you have a gallery, or an email list of shows you might have in the region.

Thanks for sharing your gift through your artwork.
Dot Rosenbaum

    Dear Daniel:
Got a knock on the door bright and early this morning with the painting. It is very beautiful. We love it. It even still smells like fresh oil paint. Going now to look for a frame, hopefully similar to the one we have on your other painting. Thanks for everything.
Looking forward to see more of your work on our upcoming cruise in December.
Best Wishes,
Sue and Mark Perchick

First off, My wife and I love your work. We fell in love with your paintings the first time we saw them and bought all 3 the gallery had. My wife and I are stationed in Germany with the Military. We need to get them appraised before we move. We have had a hard time finding an appraiser here. Do you appraise your work or can you recommend someone who could? I would not be able to ship the paintings but could send more information or pictures if needed. I have attached a photo of each painting and the names and Serial Numbers of them below. They are all 30'' x 24" and original oil on canvas. Thank you for your help in this matter. They are "Perfect Vacation" (SN: 0560Y11), "Fiesta Harbor" (SN: 0577Y11), and "Lesureliness" (SN: 0454Y10).

Gary and Kirsten Nipper
APO AE 09227

    I just purchased my 2nd Daniel Wall Original on a recent Princess Cruise. The paintings are incredible and I was excited to watch as all of the originals on the ship sold that week. Noticing that you are located in North Carolina I was wondering if Mr. Wall ever goes into the art classrooms in the schools. We have a very active visual art program at our high school with three full time teachers. Our district is very supportive of the arts and we would love to have him come visit our school and talk to and inspire our young artists. We regularly have artists in various disciplines come work with our students and Mr. Wall would be phenomenal. We are a suburb of Charlotte, NC so hopefully that would not be too far if in fact he does visit local schools. It would be an honor to have Mr. Wall on our campus and in our classes.

Martin Dickey
Fine Arts Department Chair
Fort Mill, SC 29715

    Dear Daniel:
Just wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that we just returned yesterday from our annual Christmas cruise on Emerald Princess. We are so happy to let you know we purchased your painting "Metro Paris". We loved it, and can't wait to get it to hang with the other 2 we already have.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season,
Mark and Susan Perchick

    Hi Daniel
My name is Michael Clancy. I just returned home from my vacation where I purchased your original "Moonlight Love" (picture attached). This piece will have pride of place in our home, and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and/or your inspiration in painting it so I can share its story with friends & family? And also could you please confirm its authenticity, as I could not find any info about this piece on your website (nor anywhere else on the internet for that matter)?

Thank you in anticipation.

    Greetings from Upstate NY!
We just purchased “Beautiful Couple”, oil on canvas and love your work. My wife & I will be traveling your way in early April and I was wondering if you have a gallery? I believe you’re in Winterville. We would love to stop by.

Mike Friedler
Ontario, NY 14519

    Dear Daniel,
My wife and I are retired school teachers who went on a Princess cruise last fall. We were amazed at how beautiful your paintings were and should have purchased one then but we didn't. We booked another Princess cruise with the sole purpose of purchasing one of your works. While on the cruise we discovered that they didn't have any of your paintings. Our favorite painting is Bright and Joyful. How would we be able to find works similar to this to purchase? A gentleman traveling on the cruise recommended that we contact you. You have a wonderful talent and I wish you continued success.
Barry Roberts

    I love Daniels work which immediately caught my eye on a cruise I was on which park west ran auctions. I have 12 weeks to wait for it to be returned to US to be reframed and shipped to Glasgow Scotland where I live. Where is the best place to view Daniels other work? Is it just the website I contacted you through? Park West don't appear to have any on their website.
William MacLean

    when will you be getting your galleries up and running, have been waiting a long time. Also want other interested people to see work you have done , as well as thinking of selling some of my collection and its hard when I tell how wonderful your art is not being able to point them to your galleries so they can see for their selves . thanks Billy and Sharon Crocker (we own 5 of your originals oil on canvas)need to sell a couple because of downsizing home.
Billy Crocker

    My wife and I really fell for Daniel's work the minute we saw it. We saw it on a Princess Cruise to Alaska and ended up purchasing it on that cruise. The art director had three available, and to be honest, we liked one of his other paintings more. However, at the time, we were not planning to buy a painting and so we chose to purchase this one instead of the larger, more expensive piece. We do like the painting, but our house would be better suited with a setting similar to the one on your website's home page. I had inquired in my previous email just to see what your policies are. I am appreciative of you taking the time to discuss this with me. Please let me know if you should have any other questions.

Scott Sullivan

    Mr. Wall,
We purchased "Irresistible" on a Cruise. The purchase was the absolute highlight of our cruise, and awaiting its arrival far more anticipatory than awaiting the sailing date. Watching your website for new releases, and wonder if you have a gallery we may visit when in Greenville.
Marita Petrera

    Hello Daniel! My husband and I purchased your lovely oil painting, Cozy Cove, onboard our Cruise about a week ago. I am excited to recieve it!
Thank you
Sue Mullins

    Daniel, just bought this painting,did'nt come with any paper work. how do i know if this is one of a kind? please help.love your work!! its the best, colors are brillent, outstanding, one of a kind you are the only one that will tell me the truth. what do i need to look for in buying your work, want to start collecting. any information you can help with, would sure help in my collecting your work. thank you!! best wishes and keep the works coming.
please contact me anytime

    Dear Daniel,
I visited your portfolio on absolutearts and I liked your art. You are therefore invited to submit art for inclusion in a juried annual art book. Please note that this is not a free inclusion. If you are interested I will send you more information.
Best regards
Judy Adams - Assistant curator
World Wide Art Books
Santa Barbara CA

    Your painting are what made me pay attention to artwork. The bold and violent sky and the reflection wow!!About three years ago I started saving for one of your paintings I couldn't wait. I had about 800 bucks saved which was good for me. Then I had my baby boy the came the house the fixing of the old house doctors visit etc... you know the story.well now he is about two and i am still looking at your paintings and loving them even more. The price has gone up on your artwork everywhere which makes it even more difficult..so i guess i will keep on looking at your work through the computer screen. I wanted to come to Greenville and see some in person. Is the gallery open to the public I live in Lynchburg Virginia which is about well 2 hours from the tri cities so i guess i am relativity close well drop me a line if you get the time and keep up those bold sky and great reflections
thank for listening
Jason Coles

    OMG, your artwork is amazing! The other day at school i was looking at pictures on the computer and i found one of your paintings on google images, and i fell in love with your art! i love all te bright, vibrant colours! Your paintings are beautiful!

    Thanks for the great stuff to look at. I'm still kicking myself for not getting one for myself, when I could. Please, don't stop painting. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know your work is very appreciated.
Rhonda Stevenson

    Your paintings are beautiful. I paint similar to your style. Im a self taught artist. I want to take my work further and I was wondering how do you come up with your prices. I want to sell my paintings, but I dont know where to start. Any advice?

    My husband and I own two of your original art works and love them. Will you be traveling on an art cruise next year?
Sandra Skaggs

    Hello Daniel, Im wondering if you could work some magic in getting a painting of yours to me. I was recently on the crown princess (last sat) & regret not buying a painting. Im not sure the name but it had a bench, trees on either side of a walkway with street lights on the right hand side with 3 people in the picture. I hate living with regrets! Is there a way to purchase this?

    I saw your impressive art works online and like them a lot. Therefore, I’d like to invite you to participate our current international art competition. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.
Sincerely yours,
Andrew Hsu
Exhibitor Relations & Project Coordinator
Art Revolution Taipei 2012 Executive Committee
Taipei, Taiwan

    Dear Daniel, my family and I recently cruised up to Alaska and I purchased "Walking Street." We love your work and I thank you for sharing your gift with the world. We will seek out more of your originals. This is my first original oil painting and I am hooked on your artwork. All the best,
Joseph Edelen

    Hello Daniel My name is Brittany McDonnell, I am writing a piece about you in my art appreciation class. We were to choose an artist whom work we enjoyed and I have chosen you! I have to write a 5 page paper on you and have 5 sources well I was hoping you could be one of the sources! There isn a whole lot about you on the internet and I was wondering if you have time if you could send some information to help me out on my paper! my grandpa has one of your art pieces that I will be presenting to the class, he is a huge fan! if you could help me out a little on my paper it would be greatly appreciated.
Brittany McDonnell

    Dear Mr.Wall,
I am writing to express my surprise when I discovered that the impressionist art style of Afremov's paintings so beloved by me is actually belongs to you. And I can see it now in your art, your style is so true. I will be following your beautiful work.
With best regards,
Ekaterina Chernova

    Dear Mr. Wall, I have recently acquired your painting "Winter Sunset" onboard Princess cruise. The painting arrived this week and had done marvel to my living room interior. Thank you so much for your great artwork.
Liana Su

    Dear Daniel, We have this hanging on our lounge room wall just above this computer. Do you know if there are any other paintings by you in Australia.
Also, is there any appraised value current for the great work.
Kind Regards Ken

    Dear Daniel Wall
I would like to let you know that your artwork titled: ColorFul Venice has been chosen to be part of the Featured Artwork rotation on the homepages at absolutearts.com and World Wide Arts Resources. The feature will be on 2013-07-05. The duration of the feature is one day and the rotation changes every few minutes. Please stop by at http://www.absolutearts.com and http://wwar.com and take a look at your featured artwork.
Markus Kruse, Ph.D.
World Wide Arts Resources, Corp. / absolutearts.com
Granville, Ohio 43023, USA

    Dear Daniel Wall I would like to let you know that your artwork titled: Wall street bull has been chosen to be part of the Featured Artwork rotation on the homepages at absolutearts.com and World Wide Arts Resources. The feature will be on 2012-12-26. The duration of the feature is one day and the rotation changes every few minutes. Please stop by at http://www.absolutearts.com and http://wwar.com and take a look at your featured artwork.
Markus Kruse, Ph.D.
World Wide Arts Resources, Corp. / absolutearts.com
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